Wednesday, January 23, 2002

apologies, i've still not typed in the playlist for a week ago yesterday, er, um, that is, the show of jan15. i iwll do this soon -- promise!

meanwhile, thanks so much to guest host, bob biletch, who did a fine show yesterday (along the theme of 'on them move'). bob got the chance to host coffeetime by donating generously during our fundraiser this past november. and this is the third year he's done that. thanks again bob!

and, since i have your attention, let's all go look at something useful on the web: a page that will spit out as many characters of 'lorem ipsum' as you might need. you don't know why you might need 'lorem ipsum'? well, you would need it if you want some dummy text to put into a page layout you might be designing for someone (or even for yourself), where the actual text may not yet be written. 'lorem ipsum' is some text in latin (or a latin-like fake language -- not being fluent in latin, i really couldn't verify this for you), and it's useful to use as dummy text b/c clients won't try to read it. they'll just see it as a text placeholder and look more at your overall design -- which is what you want them to do. enjoy.