Saturday, December 29, 2001

i'm sittting here w/ the boys at wmbr and they want me to help them look up 'harvey warfield' from wzlx and lyrics to some song.

Friday, December 28, 2001

so so tardy. well, finally i'll type in the playlist from this past tuesday's show, the Xmas day show. but first, have you noticed a change in the design of this page? well, i'll play around with that from time to time. whim.

did see the movie 'the royal tenenbaums.' i loved 'rushmore' and had high expectations. but, oh well. another disappointment. it was so precious. young hipsters attempt to assemble a joseph cornell box of a movie. not a bad idea. the designer in me loved that. like opening some junk drawer that hadn't been opened since 1976. but even before the dreaded animal killing scene (i'll get to that), i was bored. and boredom is the worst condemnation for a movie (see: 'fat girl'). on top of gyweth paltrow's character being totally unlikable, rendering the main push of the plot trivial, they decided to have three references that clearly showed that they hold no regard for the well being of animals. a dog's life and eventual death are treated as jokes. i would have walked out when the dog was killed, but i waited to see if, possibly, the 'quirky' plot would take another twist and he'd really be alive.

don't go. if you have fond memories of 'rushmore,' they will be dashed by this mess.

now, on to brighter things! the Xmas Coffeetime.

Coffeetime, December 25, 2001

pre-theme song song: cranston high school east a cappella choir / speak to one another of carols and anthems / lp / fum fum fum (spanish dance carol) / vogt quality recordings / winter 1972-3

theme: 'coffeetime' from 'the subterraneans' (see first playlist in blog)

bed: dave mckenna / xmas ivory / cd / concord / 1997

set one
sonny clark / standards / cd / i can't give you anything but love (dorothy fields - jimmy mchugh) / blue note / 11.16.58
hank mobley / workout / cd / the best things in life are free / blue note / 3.26.61
jimmy forrest / sit down and relax / cd / that's all (bob haymes) / prestige / 9.1.61
al bowlly & his orch / comp / lp / ev'ry day's a holiday / ? / 1937 / voc: ab
frank sinatra / comp / cd / white xmas (irving berlin) / radio transcription / 12.19.43 / voc: fs
bing crosby & ella fitzgerald / comp / cd / marshmallow world / ? / 1950s / voc: bc & ef
dean martin / comp / cd / it's beginning to look a lot like xmas / radio or tv transcription? / 1960s? / voc: dm

set two
bill english / bill english / lp / fly me to the moon / vanguard / 1962?
thad jones / olio / cd / embraceable you (gershwin squared) / prestige / 6.21.57
coleman hawkins / soul / lp / greensleeves / prestige / 1950s
mickey mouse / dicken's xmas carol / lp / (scrooge changed) / disneyland / 50s? 60s? 70s!? (hard to tell)
johnny otis band / comp / lp / far away xmas / savoy / chicago 6.20.50 / voc: little esther philips & mel walker
toni harper / comp / lp / jingle bells / columbia / la 9?.50 / voc: th
bobby darin / the 25th day of december with bobby darin / lp / baby born today / atco / 1961? / voc: bd

set three
kenny burrell / have yourself a soulful xmas / lp / twelve days of xmas / cadet / chicago 10.66
gene ammons / comp / cd / swingin' in for xmas / aristocrat / chicago 10.12.48
lyn hope / comp / cd / sentimental journey / ? / nyc 3.11.52
charlie parker w/ symphony sid patter / comp / lp / white xmas / radio transcription [savoy] / live @ the royal roost, nyc 12.25.48
johnny mercer / comp / cd / winter wonderland / capitol / 1950s
peggy lee / comp / cd / the xmas spell / capitol / 1950s
king cole trio / comp / cd / the xmas song / capitol / 8.24.53

set four
conte candoli / fine & dandy / lp / i'm getting sentimental over you / bethlehem / la 7.26.55
chet baker / witch doctor / cd / winter wonderland / pacific jazz / live @ the lighthouse, hermosa beach, ca 9.13.57
hadda brooks / comp / cd / i've got my love to keep me warm / modern / 1948? / voc: hb
judy garland / comp / cd / have yourself a merry little xmas / soundtrack to 'meet me in st louis' / 12.4.43 / voc: jg
johnny hartman / songs from the heart / cd / we'll be together again / bethlehem / 1955? / voc: jh
the soul stirrers / comp / cd / xmas means love / mca / 1960s? / voc: group

last soul song
ernest frankln / comp / cd / i'm going to have a merry xmas / mca / 1960s / voc: ef

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

hey! hope all of you had very merry merries and happy happies. the Xmas day episode of coffeetime will be posted soon. thx to all of those who listened and a special nod to those that called in (espec my mom).

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

hey! escape the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and planning and read this past tuesday's playlist!

Coffeetime, December 18, 2001
theme: 'coffeetime' from 'the subterraneans' (as always)

bed: dave mckenna / xmas ivory / cd / concord

set one
paul chambers / paul chambers quintet / cd / the hand of love (pc) / blue note / 5.19.57
gene ammons / 25 years of prestige / lp / the xmas song (torme-wells) / prestige / nj 2.2.70
henry reser & his orch / comp / lp / santa claus is coming to town (haven gillespie - j. fred coots) / ? / 10.24.34 / voc: tom stacks
dick robertson & his orch / comp / lp / i want you for xmas / ? / 10.37 / voc: dr
cats & the fiddle / comp / lp / hep cat's holiday / rca bluebird / 7.31.40 / voc: group
king cole trio / comp / cd / the xmas song / capitol / 6.14.46 / voc: nat king cole
ella fitzgerald / ella wishes you a merry xmas / cd / santa claus is coming to town / verve / nyc summer 1960

set two
vince guaraldi trio / soundtrack to 'the charlie brown xmas' / lp / side two / fantasy / 1964? (i'm lame, still haven't looked it up!)
jiminy cricket [cliff edwards] / 45 / twas the night before xmas / 1950s? / recitation: jc [ce]
frank sinatra (w/ axel stordhal & orch) / comp / cd / santa claus is coming to town / v-disc transcription / 1940s
the jackson trio / comp / lp / love for xmas / ? / 50s? / voc: group
bing crosby / score to 'white christmas' / lp / count your blessings / decca? / 1954? / voc: bc

set three
kenny burrell / have yourself a soulful xmas / lp / god rest ye merry gentleman / cadet / chicago 10.66
sahib shihab / an uptown xmas / cd / silent night / uptown / nj 7.7.88
dan grissom / comp / lp / wonderful xmas night / savoy / la 10.5.48 / voc: dg
amos milburn / comp / lp / let's make xmas merry, baby / la 10.1.49 / voc: am
mill brothers / merry xmas / lp / i'll be home for xmas / dot / 1950s? / voc: group
charles brown / comp / cd / merry xmas, baby / aladdin / 9.4.56 / voc: cb
brook benton / comp / cd / this time of the year / ? / 1960s? / voc: bb
nancy wilson (with ralph carmichael orch & chorus) / comp / cd / that's what i want for xmas / capitol / 6.13.63

set four
les brown & his band of renown / that sound of renown / lp / the nutcracker / decca? / 1956
tommy flanagan / an uptown xmas / cd / the xmas waltz / uptown / 8.12.87 (only the best recording for xmas, that's all!)
bing crosby / soundtrack to 'blue skies' / cd / happy holiday & let's start the new year right / ? / hollywood 8.4.42 / voc: bc & majorie reynolds
mel blanc & his sportsmen / comp / cd / jingle bells / afrs xmas special v-disc transcription / 1940s / voc: mb
dinah washington / comp / cd / make me a present of you / mercury / nyc 1957 / voc: dw
highway q c's / comp / cd / count your blessings / veejay / mid-50s / voc: group

last soul song
otis redding / soul xmas / cd / merry xmas baby / atco / memphis 2.67 / voc: or

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

apologies for not having updated the blog since last thursday. eek. holiday traffic jam.

handmade xmas cards again -- yikes. why do i do it? ... if you pledged during coffeetime, you'll be receiving one soon. and some of you may have gotten your t-shirts or whatever. i hope you like them!

the big news is that i will be doing my show on xmas day. so you'll have today as well as next week. more about this later.

if you've read the blog, send me an email so i know at least someone's reading it! (i don't get traffic reports on it since it's on the blog server. i may transfer it to one of my own sites, in which case, then i'll have clear proof that i'm the only one reading it. ha!!!)

Thursday, December 13, 2001

whew! well, i'm sorry to be so late posting this past tuesday's playlist. for formatting, see posting from the blog entry of December 04, 2001 at 10:21:42:

Coffeetime, December 11, 2001
theme: 'coffeetime' from 'the subterraneans' (as always)

bed: vince guaraldi / vince guaraldi trio / lp / (several tunes) / fantasy

set one
hank mobley / soul station / cd (i also have it on lp, but cd is convenient sometimes) / this i dig of you (hm) / blue note / 2.7.60
benny carter / additions to further corrections / lp / doozy (bc) / abc [mca impulse!] / 3.4.56
fats waller / comp / cd / i can't give you anything but love / ? / london 8.28.38 / voc: fats & adelaide hall
putney dandridge & his swing band / comp / lp / santa claus came in the spring / ? / 8.2.35 / voc: putney
the new friends of rhythm / comp / lp / if i had a ribbon bow / ? / nyc 1946 / voc: maxine sullivan
the capitol jazzmen / comp / lp / if i could be with you / transcription / la 3.30.45 / voc: kay starr
benny goodman sextet / 10" ep / the way you look tonight / columbia / 40s? / voc: peggy lee

set two
vince guaraldi trio / the charlie brown christmas / lp / side 1 (minus 'my little drum') / fantasy / 63?
boswell sisters / comp / lp / sing a little jingle / ? / 5.25.31
delta rhythm boys / comp / lp / domardansen / stockholm 9.8.50
bing crosby / 45 / the first snowfall / decca / 50s

set three
red holloway / cookin' together / lp / brother red (rh) / prestige
kenny burrell / bluesy burrell / cd / guilty (kahn-akst-whiting) / prestige moodsville / 9.4.62
don byas / comp / lp / ain't misbehavin' (fats waller, andy rasaf) / paris 12.4.46
joe venuti's blue four / comp / cd / pardon me pretty baby / nyc 6.10.31 / voc: harold arlen
tab smith & his orch / comp / lp / i don't want to play in the kitchen / la 8.45 / voc: roebie kirk
joan caulfield & 'male quartet' / soundtrack to movie 'blue skies' / cd / serenade to an old fashioned girl / hollywood 11.45
flo garvin / comp / lp / let me keep you warm / king / nyc 1.11.52
danny kaye / score from movie 'white christmas' / lp / the best things happen while you're dancing / hollywood 1954? / decca? / voc: danny & chorus

set four
chet baker / chet baker in milan / lp / look for the silver lining / milan oct 1959 / jazzland
nick travis quintet / the panic is on / lp (cover designed by jim flora) / in the nick of time / rca victor / 1954
king cole trio / comp / cd / knock me a kiss / macgregor transcription / 5.10.44 / voc: ida james
roy milton & his solid senders / comp / lp / someday / la 3.14.53 / voc: roy
hot lips page band / comp / lp / dance of the tambourine / 9.12.44 / savoy
don byron / bug music / cd / bounce of the sugar plum fairy / 93?/ nonesuch
dinah washington / dinah washington '63 / lp / make someone happy / 1963 / roulette
alphabetical four / comp / cd / live humble / 8.16.38 [time out poorly and had to talk over this :( ]

last soul song (or: last song with soul)
jackie deshannon / this is jackie deshannon / lp / what the world needs now (is love sweet love) (bacharach-david) / 1965? / ir

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

hey. it's evening and i still haven't typed in yesterday's playlist. me bad. i'm too wiped out to do it now, so, tomorrow *i promise* !

in the meantime, have you ever wanted to do something good for someone else? have you sometimes wished you had an email penpal but were worried about meeting strangers online? combine both of those in the good way with an e-buddy. joining ebuddies is one of the best things i have done in the past two years.
good morning! i will be entering the playlist from yesterday's show later today (and filing the records from the show then too). must get some work done first.

but before i turned off the tv just now, i saw a segment on Turkey red damask on martha stewart's show. i love vintage fabrics and have both inherited several from my grandmother and bought some. watching this segment, i learned that one of the small tablecloths that had belonged to my grandmother is this Turkey red damask. it doesn't have very much red on it -- just the border -- but it's clearly a piece of that kind of fabric. so that's kind of neat.

Monday, December 10, 2001

hello, anyone kookie enough to read this! happy nobel day. take a look at the nobel museum; quite an elegantly designed site with a live feed from today's ceremony. do you want your own nobel icon so you can feel special? go to sweden and one of the all-time-great, i mean great, websites, and grab yourself one. andreas lindkvist is a wonderful artist and he's so generous to share his talent with us all. e-cards, icons, screensavers, calendars, fonts, diy boxes -- it's all sweet!

hope you had a good weekend. i bought two curtain panels at Pier 1 (seriously, those commercials with kirstie alley are so so so bad, you can't turn your eyes away) to use as outter shower curtains. but the color is not good. 'butter yellow' -- more like 'odd orange.' so back they go. hate returning stuff.

wanna know a good cereal? try Envirokidz Orangutan-Os -- cinnamon-y yum. also the other Envirokidz flavors -- Panda Peanut something and lots of ppl seem to like the cocoa flavored one -- forget the name -- in fact, wmbr's own 'james dean' show host, lisa, said she loves that flavor.

and Barbara's Fruity Punch -- great!. i mix 'em. and, they're all organic. and not that pricey, really.

Friday, December 07, 2001

update! bargain hunt (see entry below) will be back on friday nights on ch.44 here in boston starting next week. if you're able, you should tune in. it's fun!
good morning. well it's about time i tell you what inspired me to start this blog. i've known about blogs and blogger for awhile, but i finally got the push i needed from leo laporte on the techtv (cable) show 'the screensavers.'

i guess you'd say i'm addicted to that show. miss scott herriott. don't tell my friend, but i actually think patrick's new soul patch is kinda sexy. and always laugh at martin.

other than that, well, it's friday and i still miss the british show 'bargain hunt' that used to air every friday on one of my local pbs stations. in fact, they were airing two eps in a row -- totally british cut of the show as opposed to the slightly americanized version that is still (thankfully) on hgtv (cable) on saturday evenings. love that david dickinson. oddly, at first i _hated_ him and the show. but it's really a case of one hate turning to devotion. he's all hammy and richard dawson-esque -- suddenly i'm in love!.

Thursday, December 06, 2001

well, how about this: in the mail today was a package from turner classic movies. seems i won a contest i didn't even remember entering! they sent me a sweet letter, the new definitive dvd for 'citizen kane,' and a collection of 8"x10" stills from the movie. yikes! so Xmas comes early to me.

well, i thought tcm was cool even before they showered me with gifts. the station shows a great variety of films, shorts, soundies, and all sorts of stuff and the website is so well designed, has actually fun Flash games, and tons of info. even if you don't get cable, you should go to their site and watch some of the trailers and clips they've got there: turner classic movies.
this morning's coffeetime blog topic: websites i recommend.
well, i guess i should be a good blogger and tell you about some important websites, or at least cool ones. to begin with, how about this one:

Welcome to the Doris Day Animal League

the doris day animal league is definitely one of the important organizations (although their site could use some help with html). they not only care about the welfare of animals, they do the dirty work of lobbying in washington dc and otherwise advocating on behalf of animals. check it out! plus -- doris day made some cool recordings and even cooler (in that sweet ol' way) movies. i'll take 'pillow talk' over 'legally blonde' any day (and 'legally blonde' was one of the better movies this drab movie year)!

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

hey... i've just rescued two old Xmas show playlists (both from 1997) from the old Coffeetime website. why not just put it them here?

Coffeetime, December 16, 1997
artist / album title / song title (composer) / label (note: vocals usually come off compilations, so I'll omit the album title in those instances)

[bed = Tommy Flanagan / ?]

set one:
McDuff, Jack (w/ Gene Ammons) / Brother Jack meets the Boss / Watch Out (McDuff) / Prestige
McDuff, Jack (w/ Lem Winchester) / Yeah, Baby / Tough 'Duff (McDuff) / Prestige
Wyands, Richard / Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (Coots, Gillespie) / Uptown Christmas / Uptown
Hawkins, Coleman / Greensleeves / Prestige
Waters, Ethel (w/ Duke Ellington) / I Can't Give You Anything But Love / ?
Grissom, Dan / Wonderful Christmas Night / Savoy

set two:
Guaraldi, Vince / Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, side one / Fantasy
Fitzgerald, Ella / Pure Ella / I'm Glad There is You (Dorsey) / Decca
Little Esther (w/ Johnny Otis) / Far Away Christmas Blues / Savoy

set three:
Burrell, Kenny (w/ Coleman Hawkins) / Bluesy Burrell / Tres Palabres (Farras) / Prestige Moodsville
Hawkins, Coleman / At Ease with ... / At Dawning / Prestige Moodsville
Burrell, Kenny / Have Yourself a Soulful Christmas / Merry Christmas Baby (Moore) / Cadet
Delta Rhythm Boys / Jingle Bells / Christmas Jubilee (AFRS Christmas Jubilee Show, 1945) / VJC
Count Basie & Orch / One O'Clock Jump / Christmas Jubilee (AFRS Christmas Jubilee Show, 1945) / VJC
Christian, Charlie / The Genius of ... / Benny's Bugle / Columbia

set four:
Benny Carter / Aspects / Roses in December / United Artists
Burrell, Kenny/ Bluesy Burrell / I Thought About You (Mercer, Van Heusen) / Prestige Moodsville
Flanagan, Tommy / Uptown Christmas / A Christmas Waltz / Uptown
Delta Rhythm Boys / Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin' / Christmas Jubilee (AFRS 1945) / VJC
Harper, Toni / Jingle Bells / Columbia
Blanc, Mel / Jingle Bells / Christmas Jubilee (AFRS 1947) / VJC

last song:
Thomas, Carla / Gee Whiz, It's Christmas / Stax

Coffeetime, December 22, 1997
[bed = Garland, Red / Winter Wonderland / Milestone]

set one:
Reece, Dizzy / Asia Minor / The Story of Love / New Jazz
Nelson, Oliver (w/ Lem Winchester) / Nocturne / In a Sentimental Mood (Ellington) / Prestige Moodsville
Lionel Hampton / Boogie Woogie Santa Claus / ?
Johnson, Buddy (Ricky Harper, vocal) / A Pretty Girl (A Cadillac and Some Money) / Mercury
Washington, Dinah / Make Me a Present of You (1957 version) / Mercury
Crosby, Bing / Jingle Bells / AFRS 1944 / VJC?

set two:
Guaraldi, Vince / Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, side two / Fantasy
Boswell Sisters / Gee, But I'd Like to Make You Happy / (?transcriptions)
Golden Gate Four / Cheer the Weary Traveller / RCA Bluebird
Trumpeteers / Don't Miss That Train / ?

set three:
Burrell, Kenny / Have Yourself a Soulful Christmas / Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas / Cadet
Jones, Quincy / I Dig Dancers / The Midnight Sun Will Never Set / Mercury
Webster, Ben / In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning / Verve
Wilson, Nancy / That's What I Want for Christmas / Capitol
Armstrong, Louie (w/ Benny Carter) / Christmas Night in Harlem/ ?
Grimes, Tiny (J B Summers, vocal) / I Want You for Christmas / Gotham ?
Waller, Fats / Swingin' Them Jingle Bells / ?
Fitzgerald, Ella / Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas / Verve

set four:
Richardson, Jerome / Midnight Oil / Delicious Trimmings / New Jazz
Byron, Don / Bug Music / Bounce of the Sugar Plum Fairies / Nonesuch
Brown, Charles (Johnny Moore & Three Blazers) / Merry Christmas, Baby (1947 version) / ?
King Cole Trio / The Christmas Song (early 1946 version - no strings) / Capitol (Mosaic)
Milburn, Amos / Let's Make Christmas Merry (1949) / ?

last song:
Garland, Judy / Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas / "Meet Me in St Louis" soundtrack

those were pretty good shows -- maybe i'll get lazy and copy them this year. we'll see!

okay, well it's wednesday. i'm listening to aaron on the breakfast of champions on 'mbr (of course!) and i'll now type my playlist from yesterday's show. before i do that, let me thank those that called me: david in somerville (with all his discographical questions -- yikes! i'm no jon pollack!), weepin' willie (with a loving shoutout to his sweetheart), pete m (a former guest deejay on coffeetime), and the nippersnappers who try to snap my nips (that sounds bad... let me rephrase...).

also, what's with those hideous commercials on tv? "i'm every man...i'm every woman..." eeeek! hate that one. and the new holiday Gap ad -- first of all, "give a little bit" ... wasn't that a lame song when it first came out?! ew. and who are some of those annoying ppl in that ad? espec the guy w/ the scarf, jumping around and yelling. ugh. and who's the guy w/ the sunglasses sitting on a stool w/ the gravely voice (and didja notice how many of them have gravely voices?)?

okay, the playlist. format: artist / album title / cd or lp / song title(composer) / label / recording location & date (sometimes i'll guess at the year, in which case it'll be like "50s") / vocalist (unless the vocalist is the artist, in which case this is blank). if any of those entries don't apply, i'll put an ellipsis ("the b*tch stole my dot dot dot!")((inside joke)). and if the album is a compilation, i'll just put "comp" b/c it's really only the original album that matters, isn't it? i'll start w/ the theme (which is the same everyweek) and then the bed (that's the music i talk over).

Coffeetime, December 4, 2001
theme: carmen mcrae / the subterraneans soundtrack / lp / coffeetime / i forget -it's at the station-i'll look next week / grrr again, forget, at station / cm
bed: vince guaraldi / jazz impressions / lp / several tracks through the show / fantasy / 60s /

set one
hank mobley / poppin' / cd / east of brooklyn (hm) / blue note (1620) / 10.20.57 /
oscar pettiford / ... / lp / oscalypso (op) / bethlehem / fabulous year of 1955 /
richard himber and his ritz-carelton hotel orch / ... / lp / winter wonderland / rca bluebird / 10.23.34 / joey nash
dorsey brothers orch / ... / lp / is that religion / ... / nyc 4.8.33 / mildred bailey
kay starr / ... / cd / december / radio transcription fall 1949
the prisonaires / ... / lp / if i were king / sun / memphis 1953/54
doris day / day by night / lp / moon song / columbia / 50s /

set two
john coltrane / standard coltrane / lp / don't take your love from me / prestige / nyc 7.11.58
teddy charles / flyin' home / lp / he's gone again / bethlehem / 50s
sir charles thompson / comp / lp / the street beat / ... / nyc 9.4.45
teddy wilson and his orch / comp / cd / how am i to know? / ... / nyc 4.23.37 / helen ward
bing crosby / soundtrack to movie 'blue skies' / cd / medley: the little things in life, not for all the rice in china, russian lullaby / ... / hollywood 1945
basin street boys / comp / lp / i sold my heart to the junkman / exclusive / la 6.46
bing crosby, danny kaye, peggy lee, trudy stevens / score from movie 'white christmas' / lp / snow / decca? / hollywood? same yr as movie? (although clearly different women than in the movie, thus, not the soundtrack, but wicked nice anyway)

set three
teddy edwards / it's all right! / lp / moving in / prestige / 1967
richard 'groove' holmes / soul message / lp / misty / prestige / 60s
sandy william's big eight / comp / lp / mountain air / hrs / nyc 6.3.46
fred astaire / soundtrack from movie 'swingtime' / lp / the way you look tonight / brunswick / hollywood 1936
king cole trio / comp / cd / (i love you) for sentimental reasons / radio transcription / 3.1.47
johnny moore's blazers / comp / lp / christmas dreams / late 40s, early 50s? / voc billy valentine? and unknown woman
nancy wilson / the swingin's mutual / lp / all night lone / capitol / 60s

set four
trigger alpert / trigger happy! / lp / i wish i were in love again / riverside / nyc oct/nov 1956
barney kessel / poll winners three! / lp / the little rhumba / contemporary / la 11.2.59
the brothers candoli / sextet / lp / willow weep for me / mercury / 50s
duke ellington and his orch / comp / cd / ring dem bells / radio transcription / hollywood? mid-1947
cab calloway and his cab jivers / comp / lp / your voice / rca bb / chicago 8.18.49 / voc: cab and unknown female
marlena shaw / comp / cd / go away little boy / cadet / 1966
the jubilee hummingbirds / comp / cd / jesus will fix it / chalice / 60s

last (soul) song: clarence carter / comp / cd / back door santa / stax? / 60s

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

hey, all you dreamy friends, welcome to the new coffeetime blog. i will try to post my playlists in a timely fashion. you may nag me if i don't.

and i'll add bloggy stuff -- so, really, this will be the place for those listeners who say they do like it when i talk on my show (as opposed to the loudmouthed ones who brutally taunt me to shut up and just play music). *sly grin*

i'm 'pulling' today's show right now -- i'll have one Xmas song per set. this is more than last year at this time. i want to get in the holiday spirit myself and think a lot of ppl feel the same. on the other hand, i had a tough time pulling more than 4 xmas songs for today. next week -- will do much more.

as for the show on the actual Xmas day: only realized yesterday that it falls on a tuesday so my plans are still in flux. will inform you pronto if i plan to do the show live (or if some station floater will fill in w/ whatever they feel like playing).

and, for those of you who are new to Coffeetime and WMBR, well, go to, look around, and tune in w/ the real audio at 4p and i'll see you there.

later, angelynn