Friday, December 07, 2001

good morning. well it's about time i tell you what inspired me to start this blog. i've known about blogs and blogger for awhile, but i finally got the push i needed from leo laporte on the techtv (cable) show 'the screensavers.'

i guess you'd say i'm addicted to that show. miss scott herriott. don't tell my friend, but i actually think patrick's new soul patch is kinda sexy. and always laugh at martin.

other than that, well, it's friday and i still miss the british show 'bargain hunt' that used to air every friday on one of my local pbs stations. in fact, they were airing two eps in a row -- totally british cut of the show as opposed to the slightly americanized version that is still (thankfully) on hgtv (cable) on saturday evenings. love that david dickinson. oddly, at first i _hated_ him and the show. but it's really a case of one hate turning to devotion. he's all hammy and richard dawson-esque -- suddenly i'm in love!.