Monday, December 10, 2001

hello, anyone kookie enough to read this! happy nobel day. take a look at the nobel museum; quite an elegantly designed site with a live feed from today's ceremony. do you want your own nobel icon so you can feel special? go to sweden and one of the all-time-great, i mean great, websites, and grab yourself one. andreas lindkvist is a wonderful artist and he's so generous to share his talent with us all. e-cards, icons, screensavers, calendars, fonts, diy boxes -- it's all sweet!

hope you had a good weekend. i bought two curtain panels at Pier 1 (seriously, those commercials with kirstie alley are so so so bad, you can't turn your eyes away) to use as outter shower curtains. but the color is not good. 'butter yellow' -- more like 'odd orange.' so back they go. hate returning stuff.

wanna know a good cereal? try Envirokidz Orangutan-Os -- cinnamon-y yum. also the other Envirokidz flavors -- Panda Peanut something and lots of ppl seem to like the cocoa flavored one -- forget the name -- in fact, wmbr's own 'james dean' show host, lisa, said she loves that flavor.

and Barbara's Fruity Punch -- great!. i mix 'em. and, they're all organic. and not that pricey, really.