Tuesday, December 04, 2001

hey, all you dreamy friends, welcome to the new coffeetime blog. i will try to post my playlists in a timely fashion. you may nag me if i don't.

and i'll add bloggy stuff -- so, really, this will be the place for those listeners who say they do like it when i talk on my show (as opposed to the loudmouthed ones who brutally taunt me to shut up and just play music). *sly grin*

i'm 'pulling' today's show right now -- i'll have one Xmas song per set. this is more than last year at this time. i want to get in the holiday spirit myself and think a lot of ppl feel the same. on the other hand, i had a tough time pulling more than 4 xmas songs for today. next week -- will do much more.

as for the show on the actual Xmas day: only realized yesterday that it falls on a tuesday so my plans are still in flux. will inform you pronto if i plan to do the show live (or if some station floater will fill in w/ whatever they feel like playing).

and, for those of you who are new to Coffeetime and WMBR, well, go to wmbr.mit.edu, look around, and tune in w/ the real audio at 4p and i'll see you there.

later, angelynn