Friday, October 08, 2004

good morning. the show went well yesterday. it's peaceful in the station in the heart of a thursday afternoon, much more so than a tuesday evening, that's for sure. and that made it very conducive to playing my snips and snails and petticoats. thanks so much for all the phonecalls. i'm happy some of you can still listen; for those who can't, maybe the Coffeetime Archive will help.

i'll upload yesterday's show to the archive sometime this weekend. and maybe even a playlist. (eeek! i shouldn't make promises…)

one thing i forgot to mention is the new book on Jim Flora written by Irwin Chusid. i am proud that irwin asked me to be a part of the book; it includes a 1990 interview of mine with Jim, a great designer/illustrator/painter who created some of the best jazz album cover designs and who was a hip, smart, warm, and generous man. some album covers from my collection and some sketches that Jim gave me are also reproduced in the book. i'll write a bit more about Jim, the book, and the web gallery at some point in the near future. for now, i need another cup of coffee!