Sunday, March 27, 2005

March 24th show is now online!

Happy Easter. I hope you got that chocolate bunny you were hoping for. I loved the little baskets w/ that cellophane “grass” when I was a kid. I loved the promise of speckled candy eggs, jelly beans (the real old fashioned kind that had a much fresher sweetness than the modern sort), the eggs we'd colored ourselves the night before, and our brand new white ankle socks. We'd open a pack before dawn, when it was still dark out, getting ready for sunrise services. It hurt, getting up out of a warm bed that early, but it did make the multi-colored sugary day to come that much sweeter. Ankle socks, patent leather mary janes, navy coats with peter pan collars, little hats that gripped our heads, white gloves, and pretty dresses in pastel colors (mine, usually blue) with poofy petticoats underneath so the skirts stuck straight out at 45 degree angles.

SOoooo, check the Coffeetime Archive for the mp3's of the show. And, also, for those who dig this sort of thing, I've added an Atom link (It's at the bottom of the righthand sidebar). I can use it w/ the built in RSS subscribing in Firefox for the Mac. Let me know what you think, if you use it, that is.