Monday, April 04, 2005

Show’s up, sho ’nuff!

Hey, me lads & lassies, the mp3’s of last Thursday’s show are now up on the Coffeetime archive.

Also, found this super duper site on Elektra records while researching the cover artist Harvey. You need to check out John Glassburner’s site on this cool, surreal guy Harvey. I was pointed to his site a few days ago and the Harvey mystery piqued my inner Nancy Drew. I checked a few of my books on album cover design and, after a bit o’ time on Google/A9, found the Elektra site. A bit of putting 2 and 2 together and I’m wondering whether Bill Harvey, art director at Elektra/Nonesuch and P. Harvey of these crazy Savoy covers were related. I believe Bill Harvey passed away a few years ago, but P. “Dali” Harvey (my nickname) may still be out there. If you have any info on Harvey, email John or me!