Friday, December 23, 2005

Flawed But Festive

Hey all,

The latest episode of Coffeetime, the Christmas episode, is now online at the Coffeetime Archive. I warn you, though, this show had one mishap after another. There's a noticeable buzz for the first two songs plus the theme song. To avoid that, I moved to another control room. After Joan Hathaway of Three Ring Circus (a tech and production wiz), poked around to find the cause of the buzz, I decided to move back to that control room. I got more than a bit frazzled. And I was in hyper-verbal-foot-in-mouth mode. In sum: it's a mess of a show.

Tim Kelly of Late Risers Club did make me laugh at the end though with a zinger, so that made it all seem pretty okay. I hope that, despite all the flaws, you can still enjoy the show.

I'll start a new thing with this post: whenever I get a show uploaded, I'll go to the post that contains the playlist and link the title to the archive. But, you can always check the archive periodically to see if a show is available. (On the other hand, if you use Payton's nifty podcast link, your RSS client, whether it's iTunes or some other app, will just know when a new show has been uploaded. Thus the beauty of podcasting.)

Anyhoooooooo, merry merry & happy happy to one and all. I wish you all sweet cookies and fluffy socks.