Thursday, November 08, 2007

You're the Cream in My Coffee

Thanks so much to all the WMBR supporters who pledged last week, both during Coffeetime and during all the shows. As I said endlessly (but mean with all my heart), you are part of the family!

I guess I won't be posting a playlist. My non-WMBR life is screaming at me for attention. But if there was any tune I played, give me a shout and I'll tell you what it was. This week's show (tomorrow's) will be back to business as usual.

Special thanks to all of my fellow WMBR-mates who helped answer phones for me (and kept me from climbing the walls): Tim Kelly of Friday's Late Risers Club, Jesse of Wednesday's The Intercontinental, Larry formerly of Wednesday's Lost & Found, Alex of Friday's Lost & Found, Mark of The WMBR Nightly News, Rebecca of Monday's Hook Heavy, and Doug of Saturday's Lost Highway. And to my special listener-helper, long time WMBR supporter Lynn.

Lots of hugs!