Monday, November 03, 2008

WMBR Fundraising begins this week…

Hi you dreamies,

As you may know already, WMBR's 2008 fundraising week begins this Thursday at 6 am (with the Pontoon Palace).

So I'll be fundraising this Friday on Coffeetime. New this year is a new capability on the fundraising pages to (almost) instantly alert on air deejays when a listener has made an online pledge.

This might be great for some of my listeners -- those who time shift and those who do listen from 2-4, but who cannot use the phone to call in their pledge. If you can't phone me while I'm on the air, but you can go to and you were planning on pledging (thank you!), then please do go online between 2 and 4 and do the online pledging then. I'll see it and be able to thank you on air in real time. (Note that the online pledge pages don't go "public" until Thursday.)

But, if you *can* phone in, please do call me. It adds to the party! If you can drop down to the station to make your pledge in person between 2 and 4, do that too -- that too will add to the party.

And, if you can listen, but have no access to phone or web, but still want to pledge, no worries. Your generosity will be welcome any time.

One last thought: heaven knows, this is a rough economic time. If you can't afford to pledge, do not worry about it. Your presence as a listener is still support indeed.

Thanks in advance to all!