Saturday, October 22, 2011

Change in Coffeetime-shifting!

Dear listeners who subscribe to the Coffeetime podcast! 

That is, those of you who have your iTunes (or other podcasting app) set to auto-download each new episode of Coffeetime:

Because I used the Apple servers to house the mp3s of the show and Apple has changed everything with iCloud, I can no longer make weeks’ worth of Coffeetimes available nor make the show podcast-ible.

However! You can still stream the past two weeks of every show at the WMBR Archive. Many of my former podcasters had actually switched over to doing that. But, for those few of you who still used the podcast link, I’m sorry this has to happen.

To be honest, my non-radio life has made keeping up with the podcast version of the show a bit of a chore and I was going to gently ease out of it anyway. But I always thought of you few who still subscribed. Now Apple has now taken the decision from me.

I hope you continue to time shift the show using the WMBR Archive. Or listen live. I appreciate all your ear lobes!