Sunday, December 04, 2011

Alex fills in on Coffeetime: TV Crime Themes

Coffeetime, December 2, 2011, Alex McNeil

Thanks to Alex McNeil of Lost & Found for filling in for me once again as I slaved away at income-producing work! I listened and loved what he played, as always. Here's his playlist:

I. Shows from the 1950s
Frank Chacksfield – Dragnet (The Great TV Themes LP, London)
Johnny Gregory – Perry Mason (TV Thriller Themes LP, Philips)
Henry Mancini – Peter Gunn (Soundtrack LP, RCA)
Buddy Morrow – Highway Patrol (Impact CD, RCA)

Pete Rugolo – Richard Diamond (45, Mercury)

Johnny Gregory – 77 Sunset Strip (TV Thriller Themes)
(no artist credited) – Hawaiian Eye (TVToons v. 2 LP)
(no artist credited) – Bourbon Street Beat (TVToons v. 4, CD)
(no artist credited) – SurfSide 6 (TVToons v. 1, CD)
Sidney Sharp, The New Sunset (Top Television Themes ’64 LP, Warner)

Elmer Bernstein, Staccato (Soundtrack LP, Capitol)
Johnny Gregory, M Squad (TV Thriller Themes)
Buddy Morrow, Riff Blues (from Mike Hammer) (Impact CD, RCA)
Nelson Riddle, The Untouchables (Route 66 Theme LP, Capitol)
Buddy Morrow, The Lineup (Double Impact CD, RCA)

II. Shows from the 1960s
Johnny Williams, Checkmate (Soundtrack CD, Columbia)
Duke Ellington, Asphalt Jungle Theme (45, Columbia)
(no artist credited) The Everglades (TVToons v. 4, CD)
Pete Rugolo, 87th Precinct (TV’s Top Themes LP, Mercury)
Liberty Soundtrack Orch., Burke’s Law (TV Town CD)
Nelson Riddle, The Defenders (Route 66 Theme)

Hugo Montenegro, The F.B.I. (Come Spy with Me LP, RCA)
Billy May, Mannix (TV Town CD)
(no artist credited) Ironside (TVToons v. 1, CD)
Derry O’Leary, The Name of the Game (45, Uni)
Dave Grusin, It Takes a Thief (45, Decca)
(no artist credited) Adam-12 (TVToons v.1, CD)
Morton Stevens, Hawaii 5-O (Soundtrack LP, Capitol)

(no artist credited) The Mod Squad (TVToons v. 1, CD)
Wooden Trumpet, Theme from N.Y.P.D. (45, Amy)
(no artist credited) Judd for the Defense (TVToons v. 5, CD)

III. Shows from the 1970s and Beyond
Henry Mancini, NBC Mystery Movie Theme (The Cop Show Themes LP, RCA)
John Gregory Orch., McMillan and Wife (TV’s Greatest Detective Hits LP, Mercury)
Henry Mancini, Streets of San Francisco (The Cop Show Themes)
John Gregory Orch., Cannon (TV’s Greatest Hits)
(no artist credited) Barnaby Jones (TVToons, v. 3)

Mike Post, The Rockford Files (Television Theme Songs LP, Elektra)
Sammy Davis Jr., Baretta’s Theme (A Live Performance LP, Warner)
Corniche, Theme from CHiPs (45, Corniche)
Rhythm Heritage, SWAT (Disco-Fied LP, ABC)
(no artist credited) Starsky and Hutch (TVToons v. 3, CD)

Mike Post, Hill Street Blues (Television Theme Songs)
(no artist credited) Hunter (TVToons v. 6, CD)
Jan Hammer, Miami Vice Theme (45, MCA)
(no artist credited) Matt Houston (TVToons v. 6, CD)
Al Jarreau, Moonlighting (45, MCA)

Holly Robinson, 21 Jump Street (Soundtrack LP, I.R.S.)
Mike Post, Theme from L.A. Law (Music from L.A. Law and Otherwise LP, Polydor)