Monday, January 10, 2005

Hi. Last thursday’s show is now up on the Coffeetime Archive. Sorry for the delay -- had kinda a wacky weekend.

I uploaded a full two-hour version; it’s a direct mp3 rip from the WMBR stream. Let me know if there are any drop outs or other problems with it. (I just did a quick spot check and it sounded okay and the whole show is there, plus Alex’s last song. A bonus treat!) When I put a rip like this online, it doesn’t have the sort of ID tags that I put on the other one-hour versions. Here’s how I normally do things:

:: warning: full nerd-out follows::
Normally, I burn the show directly off of the mixing board at the station (using equipment that is a direct result of listener donations -- thanks!). This takes 2 CDs, one for each hour. So there’s usually a teeny gap while I take the CD for hour 1 out of the burner and put in the CD for hour 2. These CDs are direct digital transfers of the show -- in other words, AIFF-quality. When I get home, I rip these 2 CDs into my computer using iTunes, converting them to 128 kbps mp3’s. In the process, I add ID tags so that, if you download the full mp3s (as opposed to streaming), you can do a “Get Info” in iTunes and see the show name, date of broadcast, my name, and the WMBR info.

However, the two-hour stream rips (like the one I just uploaded) don’t have that stuff. Cuz I was in a hurry to get the show online. Cuz I had a wacky weekend!

Besides, my show “burns” (ahem, by that I mean the 2 CDs I burned while I did the show) came out a bit raggedy because I switched control rooms.

Does this count as TMI? Anyhooozeeeez, the playlist for the show is below.

; o )