Sunday, November 06, 2005

Embarrassing fundraising show now online!

Get it while it's hawt -- the 2005 fundraising meltdown by yours truly, now up on the Coffeetime archive! No, no -- no Jerry Lewis telathon style meltdown. Actually, it was all very sweet; once again, I am humbled by all the calls that came in. I will be thanking everyone, including the wonderful pals that helped me out answering the phones and trying to fix my sitting appartus, and I'll be putting up some sort of mangled playlist -- eventually!

Big news is: Coffeetime listener and supporter and, now, Tech Guru Payton has provided us all with a podcast-able RSS link:!

If you know what to do with it -- go to it! Whoopee! Thanks, P!

update: this Nov 3 show is no longer online (but others still are)