Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fundraising is here!

Hey, my groovy friends. WMBR's annual fundraising week began yesterday at dawn. Today is the Coffeetime fundraising episode. WHoo hoo!

If you feel like you can make a pledge, I'd love to hear from you between 2 and 4 pm. It's so great to hear the phones ring and have a laugh with my listeners. The phone number is 617-253-8810. (We're gonna be saying THAT a lot today. Bleh.)

Every pledge, no matter how big or small, will receive a special compilation CD from me: Romantic Coffeetime. (Last year's was such a hit! But I promise that this year's will have all new make-out music to swoon by.)

And there are tons, TONS, of goodies we are giving away for various pledge amounts: books, commercial CDs, WMBR T-shirts, thermoses, movie tix, music event tix, on and on and on. If you phone in, don't forget to ask the phone answerer (who might be me!) to rattle off all the swag we have to offer you.

Many of you are working at a job that prevents you from phoning, even to a hip station like WMBR. If that's your predicament, you can pledge online at the WMBR website. If you take that option and make a pledge before 4 pm today, could you take a second to drop me an email at

If you phone in or email me before 4 pm, I can include your pledge in my boastful Wall Tally. (We have a giant wall poster up at the station where everyone writes down how much was pledged during their show.)

And, no matter what, I love and appreciate ALL my listeners. I've had years when I can donate and years I can't. So, no worries, baby, if your cash flow prevents you from jumping in to the fray. You'll always have my heart.